Students talk


“The class helped me to focus on being present in the moment. I was prepared to have fun and it was more fun than I imagined.” — MD

“Carolyn’s class was interesting, very freeing and highly enjoyable.  I would recommend it to anyone wishing to expand their horizons even if they have never considered doing improv before.”
— MB

“Carolyn was always so well prepared with new information and practice scenarios for us. The two hours just flies by. I’m a huge fan of hers. She is one of the best instructors I’ve ever had.” — KB

“We feel blessed that you were our 1st teacher, we got great fundamental knowledge of improv. You’re rock solid and methodical in layering each step in the right order. You were right about taking other peoples classes. (Thank you for that advice) It does expand you. We hope to circle back to working with you. We miss you.” — SY

“LOVE your new blog.I love the support you show for ALL other Improv folks, it is the way it should be, and you embrace that.” — SY

“The constructive feedback and skills based approach was very instructive. Carolyn’s enthusiasm is contagious, and she is a great teacher. 
” — RA

“I feel very energized as a result of your class. Thank you.” — SB

“Improv gives shy people the strength to face the day. Improv is fun while causing me to make discoveries about myself and a great way to meet and interact with new and interesting people. Carolyn’s improv classes are a safe, nonjudgmental place to push your own boundaries. She is a great teacher who make challenging concepts fun. I had a great time in my improv classes this Spring and am excited about taking more next session.”
— RC