Live Shows


Note to improv students: If you are enrolled in class, you will accelerate your learning by seeing live shows. Our Research Triangle area has many fine live shows staged in small theater spaces where you can sit close to the players and talk with them post-show. Go with your classmate(s) and make this a social thing. We will welcome you as part of the improv community. Join the Facebook group “North Carolina Improvisers” for other events and postings.

YOUR FIRST GOTO FOR SHOWS:   CURRENTLY PERFORMING IMPROV TROUPES with Player Bios (entire RDU area). This is the most comprehensive listing so far. Go there first! I wish that every improv show would list here, but that just isn’t the case. If you are on Facebook, you have an advantage since most improv groups and/or shows list individually there. By ‘liking’ them you will get notified about performances. Alternatively, go to the theater or producer’s webpage and sign up for email notices (listed below). Finally, talk with other improvisers. Word-of-mouth is a great source. Scroll down here for list of theaters and other shows.

I’ll post here for my performances. I’m a member of The Echoes.

The Echoes

The Echoes

We perform The JTS Brown, renowned as one of the most unique improv forms ever created. Highly theatrical by its nature, the ensemble follows dream logic and utilizes physical transformations throughout the performance. Perhaps best described as improvised experimental theater. You can read about us here. Next performances (1) Richmond (VA) Festivus, Friday, Dec 14th, 7pm; (2) ComedyWorx, Raleigh, Thursday, January 24, 2019, 8pm: (3) Greensboro Fringe Festival, Sat. Feb 2 @ 8pm and Sunday Feb 3 @ 2pm.

I also play in a duo team called Average Couple with Vinny Valdivia. Next performance: TBA

Average Couple - improv duo

Average Couple.

Theaters or Show Producers with links to their events


THE PIT – Chapel Hill – Newest comedy theater in the Triangle where you can watch shows and learn improv as well as stand-up, sketch and even acting. Improv performances usually  Friday and Saturday nights, but check their calendar for weeknight shows,  since their programming is rapidly expanding. (Disclosure:  I teach improv at the PIT.)
TRANSACTORS – Carrboro, Durham – adult and child-focused/family shows
IMPROV PERCOLATOR (FB) – Student shows and established troupes every 1-2 months.

THIRD DATE – Dan Sipp’s theater company produces slice of life/grounded improv.
METTLESOME – Most shows in Durham, sometimes in Raleigh/Chapel Hill. Mettlesome produces/promotes longform & sketch. Newsletter signup – bottom of their home page.

MOONLIGHT STAGE COMPANY –  North Raleigh.  Improv on some weekends, usually the 2nd Saturday, but check for tickets.
COMEDYWORX  – Near the State Fairgrounds.
THE BREAKDOWN and the BREAKDOWN on Facebook – LONGFORM usually on Saturdays, 10 pm.
Long Form Improv Mixer  Most Thursdays @ 8pm. $5   Admission at the door.

Join the Facebook group “North Carolina Improvisers” for other events and postings.