Classes and Registration

CURRENT or UPCOMING classes – 2019

50+ Improvisers: We Make Scenes – May 9, 16, 23, 30, 2019. PIT Comedy Theater. Life experiences count! If you’re lucky enough to have hit the 50+ year mark, you got ‘em. Make funny scenes with other folks who’ve ‘been there.’ All you need is a previous hello with a basic improv class or a theater background. Instruction included in this 4 session series that celebrates the creative spirit with humor. You’ll be amazed at the moments you can capture in class. Better than a Polaroid camera. DETAILS: Four Thursdays, May 9th-30th, 1:30-3:30 pm.  Register: 50+ Improvisers: We Make Scenes.  The PIT is located @ 462 W Franklin St., Chapel Hill.

Improv Theater: Discover your Creativity – FUNdamentals  Spring 2019 Durham Arts Council.
For those who want to take a foundation improv class or revisit it. Improv FUNdamentals or its non-identical twin, Improv Basics, each lay the groundwork for longform improv with a different emphasis. They can be taken in any order and students often choose to repeat them for more solid skill building. Feel free to email me with questions.
FUNdamentals description:
This is your chance to learn and play with the basics of long-form improv. Key exercises will help get you into a ‘Yes…and’ frame of mind. Learn how to draw creatively from your own life experiences. Let humor emerge naturally without jokes. Create scenes from a truthful place using group mind. All this will happen using a playful improv mindset and a little bit of homework! The ultimate goal of this class is to have fun while learning. As an added plus, you will be encouraged to see local, live improv shows. Class involves active physical participation including frequently alternating between standing and sitting, plus physical movement.
DETAILS: At the Durham Arts Council, Wednesdays, 7-9 pm, May 1-29, 2019. Durham Arts Council registration is open or call 919-560-2726.


Non- current classes — TBS

Organic Improv Workshop   TBS.
Organic improv puts you on the fast track to experiencing group mind and the joy of being part of an ensemble. Your mind, emotions, and body get in sync with other players to create new games, scenes and discoveries. You ‘get out of your head’ and experience the flow of creating improv as part of an entire ensemble. In this workshop, we will use organic improv exercises where scenes emerge from group mind. Be prepared to be physically active. Wear clothing comfortable for movement and closed-toe shoes. Students should have taken at least an introductory improv class.
ENDED. Nov 10, 2018, at the PIT-Chapel Hill, 462 W Franklin St.

Improv & Emotions: Playing from your Emotional Place PIT-Chapel Hill — Workshop has ended – watch for another in the series.
Emotional connection, emotional glue — It’s that special ingredient that brings your scenes to life, no matter what your preferred improv style. Following emotion gets you ‘out of your head.’ Your audience will find it easier to connect and care when they experience your character’s emotional self. In this workshop we’ll explore and practice ways to strengthen your scenes with a focus on emotional infusion, reactivity, and expanding your “emotional ladder.” Don’t be surprised if your own brand of funny emerges. One workshop in the Series: Improv and Emotions taught by Carolyn Cole.
ENDED. Dec 1, 2018, at the PIT-Chapel Hill, 462 W Franklin St.

IMPROV THEATER: Discover Your Creativity – BASICS –  TBS, Durham Arts Council 
Want to have fun with others while expanding your creativity and sense of joy? Improv is the popular theater art form where you ‘play’ with others and create spontaneous scenes. In this class, you will learn improv fundamentals using specially tailored games and exercises. Experience the accepting environment of ‘Yes…and.’ Be prepared for self-discovery. Live more in the current moment. Listen and respond more spontaneously. Boost your social confidence. All these while building scenes in the here and now. This class is for people new to improv, but anyone who has already taken an improv course is welcome (and encouraged) to revisit the basics, work those improv muscles and have some fun. Basics and FUNdamentals can be taken in any order. Taking both supports a more solid understanding of improv.
DETAILS:  Likely to be offered again Fall 2019.

Improv Theater Scenework – TBS Durham Arts Council
For those who have had a basic improv class (with me or somewhere) or have a theater background. You will have plenty of opportunities to exercise and grow your improv muscles. Every scenework class is different, so don’t hesitate to re-enroll. Class is geared to the skill level of current students. You can expect to have fun, be challenged and grow in skills. Small class size for more personal instruction and class stage time. If you have any questions about taking this class just contact the DAC at 919-560-2726.