About Carolyn

I am an improvisor who performs, teaches, coaches and studies improv. I go to Improv Camp with improvisers throughout the US.  I regularly travel to the improv meccas of Chicago and NYC for practice intensives with master teachers.

In short, I love improv.

I want to share what I’ve learned and I delight in helping others grow on their improv journey. I’ve been a teacher of one sort or another for most of my life. Before I discovered improv I spent 20+ years as a social worker trying to help people reduce their pain. As an improv teacher and player, I want to spend to spend the next 20+ years helping people increase their joy.

How did I get to this place? Improv makes me feel good. I’ve seen how it’s changed my approach to life and how it continues to change others in a positive direction. I’m not sure how all this happens exactly. For me it’s part of allowing myself be immersed in a creatively affirming process with other people. Improv lets me connect and ‘play’ with others as we create imaginary worlds. Improv is a unique social opportunity. Meeting people from different walks of life widens my horizons. It keeps me culturally current beyond my generation. Improv makes me ageless. What might it do for you?